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  A father and a son父子俩

  Passing through the Atlanta airport one morning, I caught one of those trains that take travelers from the main terminal to their boarding gates. Free, sterile and impersonal, the trains run back and forth all day long. Not many people consider them fun, but on this Saturday I heard laughter.


  At the front of the first car – looking out the window at the track that lay ahead – were a man and his son.


  They had just stopped to let off passengers, and the doors wee closing again. “Here we go! Hold on to me tight!” the father said. The boy, about five years old, made sounds of sheer delight.


  I know we’re supposed to avoid making racial distinctions these days, so I hope no one will mind if I mention that most people on the train were white, dressed for business trips or vacations – and that the father and son were black, dressed in clothes that were just about as inexpensive as you can buy.


  “Look out there!” the father said to his son. “See that pilot? I bet he’s walking to his plane.” The son craned his neck to look.


  As I got off, I remembered some thing I’d wanted to buy in the terminal. I was early for my flight, so I decided to go back.


  I did – and just as I was about to reboard the train for my gate, I saw that the man and his son had returned too. I realized then that they hadn’t been heading for a flight, but had just been riding the shuttle.


  "You want to go home now? " The father asked.


  “I want to ride some more!”


  “More?” the father said, mock-exasperated but clearly pleased. “You’re not tired?”


  “This is fun!” his son said.


  “All right,” the father replied, and when a door opened we all got on.


  There are parents who can afford to send their children to Europe or Disneyland, and the children turn out rotten. There are parents who live in million-dollar houses and give their children cars and swimming pools, yet something goes wrong.


  “Where are all these people going, Daddy?” the son asked.


  “All over the world,” came the reply. The other people in the air port wee leaving for distant destinations or arriving at the ends of their journeys. The father and son, though, were just riding this shuttle together, making it exciting, sharing each other’s company.


  Here was a father who cared about spending the day with his son and who had come up with this plan on a Saturday morning.


  Parents who care enough to spend time, and to pay attention and to try their best. It doesn’t cost a cent, yet it is the most valuable thing in the world.


  The train picked up speed, and the father pointed something out, and the boy laughed again.


  A fib小小的谎言

  I was six years old and my sister, Sally Kay, was a submissive three.For some reason, I thought we needed to earn some money. I decided we should “hire out” as maids. We visited the neighbors, offering to clean houses for them for a quarter cents.


  Reasonable as our offer was, there were no takers. But one neighbor telephoned Mother to let her know what Mary Alice and Sally Kay were doing. Mother had just hung up the phone when we came bursting through the back door, into the kitchen of our apartment.“Girls,”Mother asked, “ Why were you two going around the neighborhood telling people you would clean their houses?”


  Mother wasn’t angry with us. In fact, we learned afterwards, she was amused that we had come up wih such an idea. But, for some reason, we both denied having done any such thing. Shocked and terribly hurt that her dear little girls could be such “bold-faced liars,” Mother then told us that Mrs. Jones had just called to tell her we had been to her house and said we would clean it for a quarter.


  Faced with the Truth, we admitted what we had done. Mother said that we had “fibbed.” We had not told the Truth. She was sure that we knew better. She tried to explain why a fib hurt but she didn’t feel that we really understood.


  Years later, she told us that the “lesson” she came up with for trying to teach us to be truthful would probably have been frowned upon by child psychologists. The idea came to her in a flash… and our tender-hearted mother told us it was the most difficult lesson she ever taught us. It was a lesson we never forgot.


  After admonishing us, Mother cheerfully began preparing for lunch. As we munched on sandwiches, she asked, “ Would you two like to go to th moives this afternoon?”


  “Wow! Would we ever!” We wondered what movie would be playing. Mother said The Matinee. Oh, fantastic! We would be going to The matinee! Weren’t we lucky? We got bathed and all dressed up. It was like getting ready for a birthday party. We hurried outside the apartment, not wanting to miss the bus that would take us downtown. On the landing, Mother stunned us by saying, “Girls, we are not going to the movies today.”


  We didn’t hear her right. “What?” we objected. “What do you mean? Aren’t we going to The Matinee? Mommy, you SAID we were going to go the The Matinee!”


  Mother stooped and gathered us in her arms. I couldn’t understand why there were tears in her eyes. We still had time to get the bus. But hugging us, she gently explained that this was what a fib felt like.


  “It is important that what we SAY is TRUE,” Mother said, “ I fibbed to you just now and it felt awful to me. I don’t ever want to fib again and I’m sure you don’t want to fib again either. People must be able to believe each other. Do you understand?”


  We assured her that we understood. We would never forget.


  And since we had learned the leeson. Why not go on to The Matinee? There was still time.


  “Not today,” Mother told us. We would go another time.


  That is how, over fifty years ago, my sister and I learned to be truthful. We have never forgotten how much a fib can hurt.


  A forever friend永远的朋友

  A friend walk in when the rest of the world walks out.


  Sometimes in life,


  You find a special friend;


  Someone who changes your life just by being part of it.


  Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop;


  Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world.


  Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it.


  This is Forever Friendship.


  when you feel blue,


  and the world seems dark and empty,


  Your forever friend lifts you up in spirits and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full.


  Your forever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times, and the confused times.


  If you turn and walk away,


  Your forever friend follows,


  If you lose you way,


  Your forever friend guides you and cheers you on.


  Your forever friend holds your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay.


  And if you find such a friend,


  You feel happy and complete,


  Because you need not worry,


  Your have a forever friend for life,


  And forever has no end.


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